Lake County High School

Tiptonville, TN

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Dear Lowe’s:
As a fellow student at Lake County High School, we have a pretty rough looking school. Our ceilings look awful. We have water stains from leaks, and they fall in all the time. Our walls are cracking and have been painted over hundreds of times. Our floors look awful; they are mismatching, and we have 50 different colors in our school.

Windows, you can feel the air coming through them. When we open the windows, they fall off the hinges. I honestly don’t know how we pass a health inspection.

Our lockers, desks, and chairs are as old as our school. The lockers are coming off the walls, and our desks and chairs are falling apart.

We need a lot of help here at our school. I am a senior and a proud Lake County Falcon, but I am embarrassed about our school. Yes, it was probably a good school back when it was built, but that was 50 years ago. Our school is older than the National Football League. That insult is something a Union City or Dyer County student would say. I am sick of our school being talked about. Our school is awesome; awesome teachers and awesome history behind our school. Please take in consideration our plea for a better experience for future generations at Lake County High School.

Peyton 12th grade