Hiddenite Elementary School

Hiddenite, NC

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Recess! Race you to the monkey bars! I yelled to my friend Hannah. I bet I can go all the way to the end without falling.

I jumped up on the first rung and quickly started across. Midway, I suddenly stopped. Bees started flying out of the end of the monkey bars where it was broken. I stood completely still so they wouldn’t sting me. But then my hands started to burn because the rubber was torn off. I am having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on the playground.

Hannah said “Let’s get away from here and get on the swings.” We had to wait around and sit until someone got off because our playground has too many baby swings than for older kids. Finally, we were able to grab one. Hannah and I were having a lot of fun when KERPLUNK! The chain on the swing broke and I tipped out and landed in the mud. I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on the playground.

I tried to brush off my pants as we went over to the slicky slide. “Surely the slides will be safe,” I told Hannah. Hannah went down first, then I followed. I did not go very fast because of all the cracks in the slide. Hannah asked me what happened to my new shirt. I looked down and I had a big rip in it caused by all the cracks in the slide. I’m having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day on the playground.

“I want to go back inside!” I groaned as I pulled out all the mulch that had gotten stuck in my shoes. When I got back into the classroom, I knew just what I had to do. Whenever my dad needed something fixed, he would always go to Lowe’s. I decided to write them a letter to see if they could fix our playground.

Dear Lowe’s,
Can you help us? Our school needs a lot of help with 1. repair cracked slides 2. handicap accessible equipment for the kids in wheelchairs 3. get more swings for older kids 4. replace monkey bars 5. have benches for kids to rest on 6. have a basketball court 7. get a new balance beam because the old one is falling apart 8. more places for shade to get out of the hot sun.

We need a new playground because kids need a break once in a while to get rid of their extra energy and can go back in the classroom to learn. Students will also learn to get along with each other when they can play outside together.


4th grade