Berkeley Springs High School

Berkeley Springs, WV

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As I type this letter, I can think of a hundred ways $25,000 could be spent to improve my school, Berkeley Springs High School. Recently, there has been a movement in community that is very unsupportive of the school system, and in 2013 and 2014, there was a fierce election about a school levy. Initially, the levy was voted down; in 2014, the levy was passed, but at a much lower rate.

If the levy would not have passed, our school would have essentially fallen apart, with no funds for sports, arts, science, or AP classes. Thankfully, it did, but at the lower rate, we are just barely scraping by.

Rarely a day goes by without a teacher mentioning all the interesting educational activities we could do if the school had the money. In my opinion, the science department would benefit the most from some monetary support. It is virtually impossible to do in-class research or use programs like Microsoft Excel. In order to do these things, the entire class must travel to the computer lab, and that is only if there are empty seats, and the teacher has booked weeks in advance. So much for spontaneous learning! Also, in rural West Virginia, many students do not have access to high speed internet at home.

Mobile computer labs would benefit the science department so much and enhance learning done in class. Please consider my school- we have the intelligence, we have the ambition, we need the technology!

12th Grade